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Hello! We’re glad you’ve found us. For more than a half-century, we have been serving the liberal religious community in Sonoma County. We have been based at the Glaser Center, our beautiful community and artistic center in downtown Santa Rosa, since 2004.

Unitarian Universalism - A Different Kind of Faith

We are a diverse and welcoming religious community, free of creed and dogma and open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.  Our faith grew out of Christianity centuries ago but has evolved into its own distinct religion.  We believe, above all, in the power of love to transform lives.  We don’t tell you what to believe.  Rather, we help you explore your own deepest understanding.  It’s not about what we believe but how we act.  We say, “We need not think alike to love alike.” 

We’re Christians, Jews, Buddhists, agnostics, deists, theists, atheists, pagans, humanists, and more, all freely searching for truth and meaning while striving to build a caring community. 

We’re dedicated to freedom of conscience and the use of reason.  We respect the wisdom of all the world’s spiritual traditions.  We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people, and the interconnected web of all existence.

We welcome and value diversity of sexual and affectional orientation, gender identity and expression, race and ethnicity, ability/disability, class and educational background, age, and citizenship status.


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