Advocates' Climate Action


Advocates' Climate Action Group asks:

What if we could create a path to a livable future for the world—in just ONE HOUR!

You can find out by joining Advocates’ Climate Action Group as we host:

Barbara Moulton and Tom Helm from Citizens' Climate Lobby-Santa Rosa,

Sunday, September 24, 2023, following the service, 12:00-1:30 in the Founders Room.

Along with a light lunch, this will be an interactive workshop building strategies to address climate change. Barbara and Tom will lead us through a program using a cutting-edge simulation model named En-ROADS. The model was created by Climate Interactive and the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge.

In the workshop, current climate solutions are proposed, such as energy efficiency, carbon pricing, fossil fuel taxes, reducing deforestation, and carbon dioxide removal. Then, our facilitators test each approach using En-ROADS so that participants can see the most probable impacts on global temperature and other factors.

"Come to experience what it’s like to create your own climate future using grounded conversations; the resulting experience is hopeful, scientifically-grounded, action-oriented, and eye-opening."

Contact any Climate Action Group member for more information about this presentation or about our group; we’re open to more members: Kathy Albury, Linda Bell, Chlele Gummer, Stacy Sincheff, Elaine Wellin, and Shirley White.