UUCSR encourages volunteer soloists and musicians.

We enjoy a wide range of musical styles in our services: folk, jazz, ethnic, blues, rock, pop, Broadway and classical, as well as traditional worship songs.

If you are interested in singing or playing a musical instrument for worship services at UUCSR, or if you are a participating UUCSR musician or vocalist and have a question, or a suggestion for a song for a service, please fill out the Musician Inquiry form.

Beginning in March, we will be hosting a bi-monthly meeting of an informal justice choir where we will invite members of the community to gather with us to raise our voices in songs that call for justice, reform, and support in our community and the larger world! In this group we will engage in the empathetic, collaborative, and collective power of singing together to create change. We will also be inviting local speakers to come speak with the choir to offer a platform to disenfranchised and historically marginalized/underrepresented voices. Please keep an eye out for more information to follow in the coming weeks.

We are putting together a group of instrumental musicians to provide music during services monthly! This is an open invitation: if you play an instrument and are interested in supporting special music/singing together, please reach out to with the subject line “UUCSR Instrumental Group.”

In March or April, the music team will be leading a workshop on hymn leading. If you have had any interest in leading hymns or would like to be more involved in supporting music during services, consider signing up for this workshop. We would like to start a rotation of hymn leaders at UUCSR and that begins with you! The congregation would love the support and warmth of your voice during services. Contact Gage for more information.